• Client: RiDE Studio / KSR
  • Our Role: VR Modeller, Clay Modeller, Showbike builder

Unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show (November 2022) the Brixton Storr is a 500cc adventure bike which is the first in the adventure category for the Brixton brand.

Developed in VR and clay, this is (I believe) the first publicly show motorcycle that was developed using the new ultra efficient process pioneered by Claymoto.

The process uses VR modelling in Gravity Sketch to lay out the design to a “90%” point, and then the design surfaces are milled out in clay and refined in a more traditional clay method to achieve the final 10%.

The astonishing thing about the VR modelling is that designer and modeller can be entirely physically remote, and come together in a VR studio to collaborate on the model as if it were a physical model in a clay studio. It kinda has to be experienced to be believed…

See the video in the gallery to get a much better insight than I can write here as to the process. This represents a step change in terms of delivering both elevated design quality and project efficiency.

If you’re interested to know more about VR modelling and learning Gravity Sketch, head on over to https://grav.design.