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ClayMoto trusts in the Peel 2 CAD scanning system from Peel 3D which is used during the clay development process. With this system in our toolbox, the traditional clay modelling workflow is made infinitely more efficient.

You see, rather than following the industry standard workflow, waiting weeks between capturing (unnecessarily) high resolution scans resulting in an engineering team relying on out-of-date surface data, with the Peel 2 scanner, the entire scanning process can be completed, processed, aligned and output in between 30 mins and an hour. The scanner’s accuracy of 0.500 mm/m³ is more than adequate for scanning a handmade clay model, which is destined to be tweaked in the next digital loop anyway.

Furthermore, the scanner also be used as day-to-day tool while clay modeling, in that if you are working on areas where clearances are tight (for example at full steering lock, where the handlebar switchgear cluster comes close to the fuel tank) you can take regular scans as you model to check that you are meeting clearance requirements. Such localised scans can be completed and checked within minutes.

Having this equipment is one of the many reasons Claymoto can deliver your project faster and better than the competition.

Previously I’ve used and recommended the Artec Eva, but it doesn’t come close to the Peel 2 in terms of speed, ease of use, and cost. Whilst we’re not sales reps for Peel 3D, I stand by this scanner, and have a 5% discount code for any scanner from Peel 3D! When you purchase from just enter the discount code “CLAYPEEL” at checkout.