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Claymoto offers a full suite of services to help you develop your motorcycle styling in the most efficient way possible.

You give a budget, a deadline, and a list of expectations and ClayMoto will give the project plan to see that your expectations are well exceeded and on time and on budget.

Watch the ``Quiet Riot`` development process.

VR Modeling

VR modeling in Gravity Sketch

We are pioneering the use of virtual reality modeling to cut down the development time of concept development. As an experienced Gravity Sketch user and instructor, Nick works remotely with the designer to quickly iterate design themes and generate a highly detailed digital model that is ready to take to the next phase of development. Perhaps a clay model if the budget permits, or taken directly into Alias for A-class surfacing. Either way, VR is proving to be in indispensable tool.

Clay Modeling

BMW Grand America

Nick is a leading expert in motorcycle clay modeling. Nick works with the designer to realise their vision in production-feasible full-size model. Every project is different, and Nick can formulate the most efficient way to get to your end goal, and fully manage the project along the way.

Digital Modeling

From concept modeling in cutting edge VR technology, to perfect A-class production surfaces, Claymoto is your access point to some of the industry’s most talented, motorcycle-specialist digital modellers.


Claymoto works with some of the industry’s leading freelance motorcycle designers. We can bring years of industry experience to your product development.

Hard Modeling

Nick and his network have extensive expertise in developing parts to be printed or moulded, and then the actual building and finishing of hard-models that have been exhibited at some of the world’s biggest international motorcycle and auto shows.


ClayMoto trusts in the Peel 2 CAD scanning system from Peel 3D which is used during the clay development process. With this system in our toolbox, the traditional clay modelling workflow is made infinitely more efficient. 


Claymoto’s engineering partners have worked on some of the highest specification motorcycles in the world. We bring them into the development process at the right moment to maximise efficiency and prevent snags later in the development process.