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Clay Modeling

Nick has been working as a contract clay modeler full-time since 2006, with much of that time working exclusively with motorcycles. Nick works with the designer to realise their vision in production-feasible full-size model. Every project is different, and Nick can formulate the most efficient way to get to your end goal, and fully manage the project along the way. From design and build-up of the base, through full design development in clay, to a beautifully finished show model. Whatever your specific requirement, Claymoto has extensive experience to bring to your project.

Nick’s experience and background in motorcycle design has equipped him with an intuitive feeling for what constitutes well proportioned surfaces and features. Coupled with a strong understanding of the technical and user aspects of motorcycles, this facilitates the transition between the designer’s conceptual thoughts and sketches, into three dimensional reality as a clay model. It allows for easy communication with the designer, cutting development time and improving the final outcome.