• Client:ClayMoto
  • Our Role:Designer, Clay Modeller & Builder

The full story for this build can be found in Project Stories.

The bike was launched on The Bike Shed in late 2015 https://thebikeshed.cc/claymoto-suzuki-sv650/. Also covered by Bike EXIF

Development of this custom Suzuki SV650 was a personal project completed in stolen evenings and weekends. It was born out of the desire to create a bike which is “fun-under-a-ton”… that is to say, a bike which is fun to ride but isn’t going to get me thrown in jail for pushing its limits!

The main frame and engine of the bike are largely standard, but of course the thing that really separates my bike from other custom builds out there is what I’ve done with the bodywork. As you would expect, given my area of expertise, the bodywork was handcrafted in clay to get just the right proportions and surface quality. It’s what I do for my day job and get paid for it, and still happily go and spend hours in my own workshop doing it just for the love of it.

See below here for NeRF scan of the bike, just for fun.