It’s still not a definite “no” on getting the SV registered in Germany, however with the fibreglass fuel tank it’s incredibly unlikely. So I used my connections from my time out in India to get an aluminium one made up. So, I modified the pattern to be more simple to make in aluminium, and sent it out to India with a friend heading that way

After a few false starts trying to use steel, a hand beaten aluminium tank finally emerged, and was brought back to Germany by one of my other wonderful friends. (Melanie, Juliane and Kunal thank you for being such willing motorcycle parts mules!)

aluminium fuel tank 4

aluminium fuel tank 5

aluminium fuel tank 3

aluminium fuel tank 2

I pressure tested the tank to 1 bar of pressure, so although the surface isn’t 100% perfect, this aluminium fuel tank is well constructed and fuel tight. It should keep the TÜV man happy, should it ever get to that point…

Aluminium fuel tank pressure testing

Aluminium fuel tank pressure testing using a cut up bicycle inner tube at the fuel inlet, just visible on the right.