So in trying to make the bike road legal, I’ve made several modifications since the Slovakia Ring test.

Firstly, the rear number plate carrier, which also carries the mudguard and lights has been added. Secondly, and regretfully, I had to replace the mega Supertrapp exhaust can – If the police ever start asking questions about the road legality of the bike, the exhaust will be their first port of call… So, a new “GP Storm” full stainless steel exhaust system has been fitted. This is the shortest exhaust system I could find that is e-marked for road use. It’s not as good sounding as the Supertrapp, but for an e-marked can it’s not bad at all! It necessitated the addition of an extra mounting bracket, that has fortunately given a raison d’être for the old subframe mounting point on the right hand side of the main frame. The redundant one on the left hand side will be cut off in due course.

I went for a little photo shoot in the English Garden which is right next to the workshop.



SV089 IMG_8382 SV092 SV093

Some shots of the two mounting brackets before powder coating. The last major component that is pending is the surround for the KTM Duke headlight.




Even with these mods, the bike is still going to be a real struggle to register in Germany, because of the TUV requirements. But knowing this, I’ve acquired another ebay bargain in the form of a UK registered SV650. In the UK, the modifications I’ve made are not such a problem. I shall have to do a full tear down and rebuild in the new frame, but this will give me the opportunity to powdercoat the frame so it’s all for the best.